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The patient was in his usual state of health until 3 months before presentation, when he noted the onset of bilateral lower extremity edema and dyspnea.The hilum of the lung is found on the medial aspect of each lung, and it is the only site of entrance or exit of structures associated with the lungs.

Ischemia is generally caused by problems with blood vessels, with resultant damage to or dysfunction of tissue.Swelling of the ankles and feet is often an early symptom of venous insufficiency, a condition in which blood inadequately moves up the veins from the legs and feet up to the heart.Atherosclerosis is a big word for a big problem: fatty deposits that can clog arteries.MRI Findings Original abnormality on MRI does not represent adenopathy but represents thrombosed enlarged common iliac veins (Fig. 2) bilaterally as well as thrombosed and enlarged lumbar vein.

A dedicated lower extremity venous Doppler examination could also be performed for further evaluation, as clinically warranted.

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Acromegaly means enlargement of one or more extremities.Acromegaly. Dystonia is an abnormal condition of muscle tone.

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Elephantiasis is a parasitic disease which is transmitted from human to human by mosquito bites.Lymphedema is a common cancer-related condition that can have significant functional and quality of life implications for patients.Definition of elephantiasis in the Dictionary.Aneurysms (widening of the artery) can occur in this location.That is to say, both lungs have a region called the hilum, which serves as the point of attachment between the lung root and the lung.

Since then, his symptoms have progressed to include fatigue, orthopnea, paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, and, for the last month, a cough productive of clear sputum.Effective treatment for erectile dysfunction regardless of the cause or duration of the problem or the age of the patient, the penile what enlargement of surgery cost is.Ischemia or ischaemia is a restriction in blood supply to tissues, causing a shortage of oxygen that is needed for cellular metabolism (to keep tissue alive).

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Baxter and Thigpen described a biomechanical basis for entrapment of the first branch of the lateral plantar nerve in athletes.

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Get detailed information about the etiology, prevention, and treatment of lymphedema in this clinician summary.ANKLE BRACHIAL INDEX One of the most useful objective parame-ters to assess lower extremity arterial perfu-sion is the ankle brachial index (ABI), a test.It is thought to be due, possibly, to a morbid change in the internal secretion of the pituitary body, since this structure is also enlarged.

Information about elephantiasis in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms.

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Endocrine System Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.Mild pulsitility also seen on prior lower extremity ultrasound.The arm may be identified by the layperson as an upper extremity and the leg as a lower extremity.

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Nephromegaly is the correct term for enlargement of the kidneys.