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Fatty liver is a condition in which fat accumulates within the liver cells (hepatocytes) without causing any specific symptoms.An enlarged bladder is a medical condition where the sac involved in holding urine becomes larger than normal.

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Patients with abnormal liver function who develop ascites, variceal hemorrhage, hepatic encephalopathy,or renal impairment are considered to have end-stage liver disease (ESLD).Cirrhosis is a chronic (ongoing, long-term) disease of the liver.Chronic liver failure, also called end-stage liver disease, progresses over months, years, or decades.Cirrhosis is the endpoint in patients who have chronic progressive liver disease.Cirrhosis of the Liver Cirrhosis is a slowly developing disease in which healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue.

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Liver encephalopathy: the deterioration of brain function and damage to the nervous system due to toxic substances building up in the blood, which are normally removed by the liver.Enlargement of lymph node in the transverse fissure of the visceral surface of the liver where the vein and artery enter and hepatic duct leaves.This will occur when the vessel wall becomes weak secondary to many reasons and this will result to bulging of the said vessel.

Other diseases, like infections, leukemias, lymphomas can also cause enlargement of these organs.Read more.Lying next to the stomach on the right side of the abdomen, it has many jobs — like cleansing the blood of toxins, producing bile (which helps break down food during digestion), and storing energy in the form of a sugar called glycogen.

This is considered as a serious condition related to the heart.This is called encephalopathy, and it can result in symptoms, such as confusion, personality changes, or poor cognitive functioning.Piercing injuries to the liver or spleen may cause a tear, cut, or bruise to the organ.Liver enlargement is usually an indicator of liver disease, although there are usually no symptoms associated with a slightly enlarged liver (hepatomegaly).This part of the liver is in direct contact with the diaphragm.

There are a number of diseases and illnesses that can cause this to happen.Stretching of capsule around liver causing lower abdomen pain, consult general physician with report.Hepatomegaly is enlargement of the liver beyond its normal size.I also have a mass on my liver, about 3.8 cm which they called atypical hemangioma.

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Kernicterus is the most severe form of hyperbilirubinemia and results from the buildup of bilirubin in the brain.Age—liver cancer most often strikes those 67-years of age or older. 2. Gender—men are twice as prone to liver cancer vs. women, with 22,720 new cases in men and 7,920 cases in women annually.

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Enlarged liver is a term used to describe a potentially serious medical condition.Enlarged liver, also known as hepatomegaly, is a consequence of some underlying health condition.

Liver definition is - a large very vascular glandular organ of vertebrates that secretes bile and causes important changes in many of the substances contained in the blood (as by converting sugars into glycogen which it stores up until required and by forming urea).

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The right triangular ligament is formed in this lower extremity of the bare area of the liver where these two layers of the coronary ligaments fuse and this right triangular.These may be caused by anything that goes through the skin and into the body.

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Conditions that can cause an enlarged bladder include cholecystitis and bladder cancer.

The pigment manufactured by the liver and necessary for the digestion of fat is called. Bile. The excessive swallowing of air while eating or drinking is known as.The liver is a vital organ that plays many important roles in the body.Liver biopsy is often used to diagnose the cause of chronic liver disease that results in elevated liver tests or an enlarged liver.Fatty liver (steatosis of the liver) is one of the most common reasons people have abnormal liver blood tests.If the damage is not stopped, the liver gradually loses more of its ability to carry out its normal functions.If you have an underlying disease, medication or other types of treatments may help.

Usually there are no symptoms, although the liver can be enlarged and you may.It did get bigger in the last year, so I have to go see a specialist, i guess to determine what it really is.It is the largest gland in the human body and is responsible for several critical functions necessary for survival such as producing and breaking down hormone, producing amino acids and detoxifying toxic substances.Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.Enlargement of liver must be treated immediately as it can cause complicated and life threatening conditions over a period of time.

If the diagnosis is known, such as hepatitis C, then the main reason for a liver biopsy is to determine whether the patient has a progressive disease.The obesity epidemic has everyone concerned about body mass index, but the condition called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) that often accompanies it also demands our attention (incidence in the West is estimated at 20 to 40 percent).It takes lipoproteins (fats) from the blood, reworks them, and secretes them in a different form.