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To know which one would be right for you and your family, take a pick from the list of small dog breeds mentioned in this DogAppy article.

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The breed is known for its intelligent expression and brisk movement.They can be found in most of the Nordic breeds such as the Malamute here, the Siberian husky, the Samoyed and so forth.

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This dog breed has bushy tails and their coats are thick and distinctively black.

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They are one of the most affectionate dog breeds out there, and can even exhibit a possessive nature when it comes to their owners.Hair grows and drapes over the ears in long fringes creating the appearance of butterfly wings.

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Teacup Chihuahuas are one of the most popular Teacup dogs today.But which dog breed can claim to having the biggest erect ears.There are a variety of different ear shapes and sizes in the canine world.

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The Paperanian is a hybrid mix of the Papillon and the Pomeranian.While Googling you can find many lists of Teacup dog breeds online, bear in mind that there are only six dog breeds that can actually be classified as Teacup dogs. 1. Teacup Chihuahua.Cocker and Springer Spaniels have thick hair and large, heavy ears that droop down over the ear canal rather than standing erect.

The general appearance of the Akita breed is large, powerful, and alert with a broad head, a deep muzzle, small eyes, and erect ears.For the majority of additional traits measured, most of the variance across breeds could be accounted for with a small number of gene regions.According to the American Kennel Club, the border collie may have ears that are erect or semi-erect.Did you know that dogs were among the first animals to be domesticated.Dog Coat Colors and Patterns for Various Dog Breeds The dog coat has a variety of colors and patterns which is a result of transporting dogs from one place to another and genetic mutation.In dogs with semi-pricked ears, the ears are basically erect, but they tend to fold over at the tip.The past decade has witnessed a phenomenal rise in demand for designer hybrids, with people specifically focusing on the two pure breeds used to produce such hybrids, when making their final choices.The papillon dog breed is categorized by the American Kennel Club under the toy group, a breed group encompassing the smallest kinds of dogs.

In fact Chihuahua is one of the breeds with the largest combination of patterns and coat colors.

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Between the 5th and 7th month the ear cartilage is still soft enough to encourage the ear into an upright position.The Papillon descended from a group of early toy spaniels that had drop hanging ears as opposed to the erect ears seen on Papillons today.

Top with large, erect ears and dark eyes that sparkle with eager intelligence.

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They have spiky, triangular ears which stand erect on their heads and a long Photo credit: The.

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Dogs with floppy ears may be more prone to ear infections than those with erect ears.

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The ears in the papillon are described as being erect and carried obliquely, moving like the spread wings of a butterfly.There are small fluffy dog breeds, small dog breeds good with kids, calm small dog breeds, in fact there is a small dog breed with almost any trait you desire.

These factors allow dirt, debris, wax and moisture to become trapped in the warm, dark environment of the ear canal, creating a perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria.While any dog can develop ear infections, several breeds are especially prone to them.German shepherds, huskies, doberman pinchers, west highland whit terriers, scottish terriers.Under these circumstances, management of the allergy usually results in the ear problems disappearing.I will add a few photos of various ear sets to help illustrate.

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When choosing a vet to perform this procedure, it is essential that the vet has extensive training.

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From the Chihuahua to the Yorkie there are small dog breeds of every different color, shape, and personality type.

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If the ears of your German Shepherd are not erect after his fifth month, and this is the look you desire, you may want to contact your veterinarian or breeder.The Doberman Pinscher was developed in Germany during the late 19th century, primarily as a guard dog.

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The German Shepherd Dog is a medium-sized, well-balanced, muscular dog, slightly longer than tall, with a medium length coat, erect ears, and a low-set natural tail that normally reaches to the hock and is carried in a slight curve like a saber.

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Many Nordic breed dogs, such as the Siberian husky, Samoyed, malamute, Norwegian elkhound and keeshond, sport pointy ears.

The outline of the German Shepherd Dog is made up of smooth curves rather than angles.

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