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in a position that is more comfortable than if you had to look straight through The Travel Scope diagonal is an erect image model that corrects the image to be right side up and oriented correctly left-to-right which is much easier to use for terrestrial.

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Established in America over 50 years ago, Celestron is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of high-quality optical products in the world today.Mirror diagonal: Perfect with high-end telescope systems, these diagonals are made to yield maximum performance.Other options that are I chose a 45 degree angled diagonal for viewing ease.

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Trova le offerte migliori per 90 degree diagonal lens 1 25 fitting Turn upside down image to right side up su eBay.For astronomical observing, this allows you to observe in positions that are more comfortable than.Too bad it didnt fit my Kiev 88, still a decent display item (01-14-16). offers a large variety of astronomy diagonals.

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The end result is a lifetime diagonal that matches or exceeds the brightness and image quality of the finest mirror star diagonals.

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All Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes utilize the multicoated Starbright.This is a cost effective diagonal with good optics to use for everyday terrestrial viewing (and astronomical) through a small to moderate size telescope.

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An erect image, in optics, is one that appears right-side up.

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Celestron JID00665V4 45 Degree Erect Image Diagonal reviews and advice on Get tips and information on this item here.This Erect Prism Diagonal accomplishes this image correction and, at the same time, places the eyepiece at a convenient 45-degree viewing angle.Compare Celestron JID00665V4 Telescopes prices, read JID00665V4 reviews, and review the specifications, then lock in a great deal at

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Shipping will be via the cheapest shipping method which will vary depending on the items in your order.Depending on the type of telescope and whether or not it is used in combination with a star diagonal, the image you see may be either upside-down, backwards, rotated, or normally oriented.Every beginning astronomer has to grapple with the topsy-turvy topic of image orientation in the telescope.The Matsumoto diagonal is for those who wish to have what we believe is the absolute best image quality correct image diagonal available on the market, free from the diffraction and colour shifts introduced by amici prisms.

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Currency - All prices are in AUD Currency - All prices are in AUD.The image will appear the same as what is seen normally seen through an eyepiece, meaning the image produced by the diagonal is upright and correctly oriented from left to right.


This design allows you to look into the telescope at a 45 degree angle, at images that are oriented properly, meaning the image is upright and correct from left to right.If you have a refractor or a catadioptric telescope (the Schmidt-Cassegrain is the most popular example), and you would like to use it for terrestrial observations, the most useful additional accessory you can buy is an erect-image diagonal.