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Erect Pricklypear grows north to south on the east and west coast and is quite common growing along coastal dunes, coastal grasslands, coastal hammocks and on shell mounds.

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Opuntia ficus indica, the prickly pear or sabra of the USA, Mexico, and the Mediterranean region, causes dermatitis through its glochids.

Populations of erect prickly pear (Opuntia stricta) in the Kruger National Park, South Africa have been effectively reduced to low numbers with biological control (right).

Produces a decent fruit, but the very tough skin and internal fibers of the pads make it inedible as a vegetable.Opuntia, commonly called prickly pear, is a genus in the cactus family, Cactaceae.

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The Alabama Plant Atlas is a source of data for the distribution of plants within the state as well as taxonomic, conservation, invasive, and wetland information for each species.

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Gravelly desert slopes play host to the blind prickly pear growing in the Big Bend area of the Trans-Pecos and Northern Mexico, from an elevation of 1800 to 3600 feet.

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Tolerates drier conditions than O. humifusa, but grows slower as a consequence.Prickly pear is known by a few names such as nopal cactus, barbary fig cactus, opuntia, Indian fig prickly pear cactus, tuna cardona, westwood pear and a few others.

The most common culinary species is the Indian fig opuntia (O. ficus-indica).

MISSION CACTUS PRICKLY PEARS Edible Live Plant Non-GMO Healthy Strong Root High Quality Live Plant aka Opuntia ficus-indica Smooth Mountain Prickly Pear Indian Fig.Prickly pear cacti (Optunia spp.) are easily identified by their upside-down pear-shaped pads or segments.Each plant profile in the database contains nomenclature info, botanical data, plant description, large, high-resolution pictures.

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Prickly pear or cactus fruit is the common name of the fruit that grows on top of the leaves of Nopales cacti.Cereus repandus, the Peruvian Apple Cactus, is a large, erect, thorny columnar cactus found in South America as well as the nearby ABC Islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

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Opuntia stricta (op-UN-shee-uh STRIK-tuh) is one of four native Opuntia species that occur in Florida.

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Common or Erect Prickly Pear, (Opuntia stricta) Growth habit: Erect shrub to 2m.

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Erect prickly pear (Opuntia stricta), a sprawling shrub species Erect the Youth Problem, the only album released by American punk trio Wives Erect sundew (Drosera stricticaulis), a perennial tuberous carnivorous plant species.Stems are divided into segments (pads or joints) that are flat.

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Prickly pear is a general term used to describe some plants of the Cactaceae family.Humifusa, eastern prickly pear, found throughout much of Florida, is common.

SYNONYMS: Opuntia atrocapensis Opuntia nitens Opuntia stricta var. dillenii Opuntia tunoidea Opuntia zebrina Members of the Cactaceae, a family from the Americas, are well known as ornamental plants in all temperate zones of the earth.

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Some families and genera of plants that have been reported to cause mechanical injury in tropical areas are shown in Table 36-1. 8.Erect Prickly Pear (Opuntia dillenii), Caldera Colorada volcano, lava field with lichens, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain, Europe.The pads are green to blue-green, round to It may be erect or spreading, with a more or less definite trunk.