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Just not really sure.BUN was normal, GFR normal, but anion gap was high.

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A milliequivalent is a measurement of the amount of a substance.Rather, the danger is from the acidosis and from the process that is generating the abnormal and excessive organic acid load.

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Best Answer: The anion gap is used to aid in the differential diagnosis of metabolic acidosis.

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Although such cat egorization is useful, some disorders, such as ketoa cidosis, can manifest eithe r a normal or a.On the other hand, a low or negative AG occurs if there’s a...

Acid-Base Balance and the Anion Gap

Therefore, an increased AG can be due to either an increase in unmeasured anions or a decrease in unmeasured cations.

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Anion gap - this is useful in any cause of metabolic acidosis.

The anion gap can be increased due to relatively low levels of cations other than sodium and potassium (e.g. calcium or magnesium).Albumin has a negative charge, and when the concentrations of this protein.

Author Affiliations From the Department of Medicine, State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center (address reprint requests to Dr.The anion gap can be used to distinguish probable cause of metabolic acidosis (high anion gap versus normal anion gap metabolic acidosis), which will aid the provider in determining a diagnosis and suitable treatment.

The normal values are usually considered to be 8-16 so yours is toward the high end of normal.It is calculated by subtracting the serum concentrations of chloride and bicarbonate from the sodium plus potassium concentrations.

Relationship between Serum Anion Gap and Diabetes Mellitus

This section is a brief discussion of the metabolic aspects of acid-base balance.The anion gap is MOST useful when evaluating patients who are ill and the cause is not known.

Classically, we are taught to look out for an elevated anion gap in patients with a metabolic acidosis.For woman a normal serum iron level is 50-170 micrograms per deciliter.

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The anion gap can be spuriously normal in sampling errors of the sodium level, e.g. in extreme hypertriglyceridemia.

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We describe nine typical cases of this disorder and suggest a logical approach to its evaluation.

Acid-Base and Electrolyte Teaching Case Approach to the Patient With a Negative Anion Gap Michael Emmett, MD, MACP When anion gap calculation generates a very small or negative number, an explanation must be sought.

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You can also add these to the list - epinephrine, meds that end in ASE and LOL, warfarin, heparin, chemo meds, dextrose, TPN, narcotics and opioids, moderate sedation agents like diazepam.

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Having a low anion gap is fairly rare, and in some studies has been shown to be present in less than 1 percent of hospitalized patients. Ad. Patients who have decreased levels of albumin — a protein made by the liver that circulates in the blood — can have a low anion gap.For newborns a normal serum iron level is 100-250 micrograms per deciliter.Correspondingly, an increase in the number of cations, either organic (eg, paraproteins as in.