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The yield curve basically is a snapshot of the yields, or expected rates of return, on a collection of bonds of different maturities.The shape of the yield curve is predictive of future economic conditions.

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Source: StockCharts.com. Right now, a normal yield curve exists.

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The last two times the yield curve inverted was in the years 2000 and 2006 before each of the last recessions.

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The upper line is the yield curve in February 2000, just before the stock market crashed that year.

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In finance, the yield curve is the relation between the interest rate (or cost of borrowing.

Yield curves track the relationship between interest rates and the maturity of U.S. Treasury securities at a given time.

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Typically, the Federal Reserve only has to raise interest rates when the economy is expanding and the Fed is worried about inflation.A normal yield curve has an upward slope, which means the yields increase as maturities extend.

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Chapter 07 Valuing Stocks 1.Explain why the market value of common stock often differs from its liquidation value or its book value.A yield curve is a graph that plots the relationship between interest rates and the time to maturity for fixed-income securities with equal credit quality.

A yield curve is a graphed line that plots the interest rates of bonds at a fixed time with relative differing maturity dates.The normal yield curve is upward sloping to the right due solely to inflation expectations.This is not normal, for reasons that should be obvious in light of the preceding discussion.A normal yield curve is characterized as having an upward slope, as depicted to the right.

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Humped yield curve —This yield curve represents higher yields on medium-term Treasury bonds (e.g., five- or seven-year bonds) than those on long- or short-term Treasury bonds.

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Professional stock traders and investors use the shape of the yield curve to predict both.A closer look at the yield curve on U.S. Treasurys — one of the more closely watched indicators of overall economic health dow jones, a news corp company News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services.

We choose the five-year note as We choose the five-year note as.It provides a clear, visual image of long-term versus short-term bonds at various points in time.This usually indicates uncertainty among investors about both current and future economic conditions.NORMAL YIELD CURVE: This positive slope reflects investor expectations for the economy to grow in the future with a greater expectation that inflation will rise in the future rather than fall.

Beware! A flattening yield curve still means something