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A mutual fund whose aim is to achieve capital appreciation by investing in growth stocks.Growth stocks are generally viewed as entailing more risk to principal than income stocks.They added nothing to the fund of human knowledge, or to his own.Investment return and principal value will fluctuate, so you may have a gain or loss when shares are sold.

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The focus of such a fund is on capital appreciation rather than on how much income a stock can generate through dividends.

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Investing in a growth fund carries a higher amount of risk compared to investing in say, a bond fund or an income fund.One way to diversify your portfolio is by investing in a blended mutual fund, or blend fund.

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MSGF stands for Morgan Stanley Growth Fund Suggest new definition This definition appears somewhat frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories.

Also like mutual funds, they can invest in many types of securities—but there are a number of differences between these...

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Performance data shown represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results.Also in this lesson, various types of mutual funds will be explained, and advantages and examples of mutual funds will be explored.

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The dividend option does not re-invest the profits made by the fund though its investments.Morningstar currently provides several tools to help investors determine stock size and style preferences (Stock SelectorSM and Fund SelectorSM.Tips. Before buying into a mutual fund, check with a retirement adviser to confirm that the fund is a proper investment for your portfolio.A growth fund is a diversified portfolio of stocks that has capital appreciation as its primary goal, with little or no dividend payouts.Investment funds fall under two broad definitions - income and growth.Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund, for example, closed in 1997, after asset inflows left the fund with a sizable cash stake that the managers had trouble putting to work. Since its.Happy, healthy, hearty and with a fund of good nature that nothing could daunt.

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The Fund seeks long-term capital growth by investing primarily in common stocks of U.S. large capitalization companies.A stock fund, or equity fund, is a fund that invests in stocks, also called equity securities.Like mutual funds, hedge funds are pools of underlying securities.

He looks upon me as a sort of fund that has to be placed or sunk or something, somewhere.

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For Equity funds, the horizontal axis shows the Valuation of the fund and the vertical axis shows the market capitalization.