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A Satoshi Nakamoto Statue may Soon be Erected in Ukraine

The Romanian capital of Bucharest is set to erect a statue of the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, the Palestinian embassy in Romania announced on Saturday.

The statue was a gift to the United States from the people of France.

Organizers begin push to erect statue honoring Apperson

Russia wants to erect a statue in one North Carolina city

Ironically, in Owerri dialect, Zuma means continue stealing and that is the reaction to this.

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Bring us Bolt! - Government’s failure to erect statue of

Romania to Erect Statue of Late Palestinian Poet Mahmoud

USC to erect statue of its first African-American

The term erection is most often used to refer to an erection of the penis.

Statue honouring Chris Cornell to be erected in Seattle

The weir had been erected to pen the Chenook salmon from going further up-stream.

Maharashtra: To erect statue, nod from minorities or

The statue was unveiled on the day the Supreme Court reinstated the corruption charges against President Zuma.The statue was finished in 1931 and it did take full 5 years to make it.On Tuesday, a state Senate Judiciary Committee in Hawaii unanimously passed a resolution calling for a statue of its most well known native son, former President Barack Obama.A group of cryptocurrency proponents from the Ukraine have a plan to erect of statue of Satoshi Nakamoto in the capital city, Kiev.City authorities in Istanbul, Turkey have immortalized a beloved neighborhood street cat by installing a bronze statue in his honor, The Independent reports.

While every statue in every town has a different origin, taken together, the roughly 700 Confederate monuments in the United States tell a national story.

Fundraiser Looking To Erect LeBron James Statue in Akron

Christ the Redeemer statue construction started much later, in 1926.

'Offensively tasteless' Mother Canada statue plan sparks

A new statue has been erected in Imo State but this time its not from governor Rochas Okorocha, rather its the residents of Amucha who built a statue in honour of their House of Assembly deputy speaker, Hon.

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The nude Trump statue in Union Square (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic) Today, Donald Trump stood nude in the center of Union Square.

How The U.S. Got So Many Confederate Monuments

According to official Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned Wafa news agency the Palestinian ambassador to Romania Fouad Kokaly held a meeting.

Huge Penis Statue Gets Erected On Top of a Mountain in

The First Union Financial Group has erected statues of two life-size horses outside its head office located on Eastwood Park Road in St Andrew, and they have been getting a lot of attention from members of the public, especially because of the large penis on the male replica.Erected definition, upright in position or posture: to stand or sit erect. See more.

Civic group clashes with police in Busan as it tries to

The women who erected Confederate statues are stunningly

Opinion Bombers set to erect statue of hall-of-fame coach Bud Grant Finally, the most successful coach in franchise history gets his due.The 11-foot-tall statue was a gift from Kenya, Namibia and Nepal in 1998 and was made from the cast of a real African bull elephant, the AP reported.

When the penis is like this, it is said to be flaccid (pronounced FLA-sid).The University of South Carolina will celebrate Monday its first African-American professor.

The women who erected Confederate statues are stunningly silent correction: Karen L.To construct by assembling: erect a skyscraper. 2. To raise to a rigid or upright condition.

Deadpool Fans Start Petition to Erect Statue in Character

Villagers erect statue of Ebonyi State Governor in their

People believe this is a licence granting recognition to a thief and as our people say, it.

The plan to build a statue to honor a famous South Milwaukee wrestler is just a few thousand dollars away from its goal.

Bombers set to erect statue of hall-of-fame coach Bud