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The merits of any investigation should always be balanced against cost and risk.

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We recently encountered one such case where a dilemma of whether or not to manipulate the central line occurred based on the review of a supine CXR film.Chan-Nishina, MD Patrice M.L. Tim-Sing, MD Kapiolani Medical Center For Women And Children University of Hawaii John A.

In most cases, abdominal X-ray is taken in erect position to determine presence of free air in the peritoneum.The strength layer of the bowel in intestinal anastomoses is the: A. Mucosa B. Submucosa C.Supine and upright abdominal x-rays should be taken and are usually adequate to diagnose obstruction.Below is an example of a comprehensive summary, however feel free to find a structure that suits you.

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Nonradiologists need to be able to independently identify a variety of different intestinal pathologies.

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This investigation found a positive predictive value of 54% for patients with a bowel obstruction with the clinical assessment and 61% after radiographs (2).List the three reasons why a chest X-ray should be taken erect Why do lungs expand better in erect position than supine What are the benefits of doing an erect chest at 72.

Supine view of the abdomen (left) shows several dilated loops of small bowel in the upper abdomen.DIGITAL X-RAY ARTICLES Proper positioning for the pelvis and proximal femur The lowdown on lumbar spine positioning Radiographic positioning techniques for the cervical spine Boning up on humerus, clavicle, and AC joint positioning Getting the most from shoulder positioning The bends and flexures of forearm and elbow x-ray positioning The twists and turns of hand and wrist x-ray positioning.Describe the important components in interpretation of chest and abdomen radiographs. 2. Describe findings to identify normal and abnormal findings in chest and abdomen radiographs. 3. List findings to accurately identify common pathology in chest and abdomen radiographs.The anteroposterior (AP) radiograph taken with the patient in a supine position is the basis of the majority of plain-film examinations of the abdomen.

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Patients presenting with an acute surgical abdomen should be investigated with an ERECT chest X-ray, as well as the standard supine abdominal X-ray.

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Investigations are normally undertaken after history and examination.Peritoneum is thin membrane which lines the walls of abdominal cavity and the viscera that lies inside the abdomen.For acute abdominal pain in adults, an abdominal x-ray has a low sensitivity and accuracy in general, as well as for specific conditions such as gastrointestinal perforation, bowel obstruction, ingested foreign body, and ureteral stones.

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State the proper range of kVp used for the erect PA and lateral chest x-ray, and tell what structures will be demonstrated.Outline Approach to reading chest radiographs Heart borders Cardiothoracic ratio Rotation, Inspiration, Penetration Poor vs.

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Performing this projection, the patient is either supine or upright position as requested by physician.

Supine chest X-rays often have limited quality because of difficulties with patient positioning, the lack of co-operation resulting in reduced lung volume and tech-.

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The long common names have been created via a table driven algorithmic process.

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The patient should be positioned sitting upright for 10-20 minutes prior to acquiring the erect chest X-ray image.It is often used for urgent investigation - for example, of acute abdominal pain.A Multicenter Cooperative Collaborative Action Research Study (MCCCARS).