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Each consists of a reservoir implanted in the abdomen, a pump.

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You may be a candidate for a penile implant if your erectile dysfunction (ED) is not responding to medicines and non-surgical treatments, or if those treatments pose a health risk.He had a history of prostate cancer with radiation therapy, and has been in a long, happy marriage and wanted to continue to have intimacy.

Currently the Ambicor is the only 2-piece inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) available in the United States.Using the penile implant Using the penile implant is simple, Cornell said.

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Penile Implants After Prostate Cancer Surgery Prostate surgery, or prostatectomy, is an absolute must in case of prostate cancer patients.This is considered the best available type of penile implant for most men. 2 piece inflatable penile prosthesis that consists of penile implant and a pump.When a man would like an erection, he can activate the pump, which causes inflatable cylinders in the penis to fill with fluid.

Penile enlargement implants also exist, although surgeries to enlarge the penis are controversial, uncommon and not often successful.Our most popular inflatable prosthesis line offers a combination of features focused on both surgeon and patient satisfaction.The two cylinders are carefully inserted in their penis and then connected by tubing to some separate reservoir of the fluid.When activated by pressing on the pump, the reservoir fills with fluid (instead of the blood the penis typically uses to form an erection) and transfers it to the cylinders in the penis, thereby inflating them.The 3-piece system includes a reservoir placed in the abdomen and two fluid filled cylinders completely concealed within the penis.

The AMS 700 Penile Implant is the most popular Boston Scientific inflatable prosthesis line.Penile Size After Penile Implant Surgery What about size after penile implant surgery.Patient in above two photos show semi-rigid implant in down and up position.

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Many of the prostate cancer survivors have to contend with impotence after surgery. However.Pushing the release valve drains the fluid back into the abdominal.

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The inflatable penile implant comes in a two-piece or three-piece design, and is customized to look and perform like a natural erection.

It allows the penis to look and feel either erect or flaccid.The procedure destroys the natural erectile tissue of the penis.

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The device is inflated by squeezing the pump several times to move the fluid from the.

How the penile implant works Fluid is moved into the penile cylinders from the reservoir by squeezing the pump bulb in the scrotum repeatedly.With these rods the penis is in a semi-rigid state and simply needs to be aroused and adjusted to an erect position.

It has the least number of parts and so has a lower failure risk than the inflatable option.