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Most of the animation made for the web is either Flash or 3-D, so kudos to someone so talented at.

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I recently read a very good book that was recommended to me some time back when I was asking about weight gain stories.

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I love the whole football-muscle guy stories and this one fits the mold beautifully.

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An experiment in featuring a different subject matter in each chapter.

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RapidTone Reviews: Getting immaculate body shape is the need of hour for each individual on this planet.GH production is controlled by a complex set of hormones produced in the hypothalamus of the brain and in the intestinal tract and pancreas.This is still an option today, but the popularity of this risky method of attaining breasts has declined in favor or other options. - Interactive Game Database (IGDB)

This site is dedicated to erotic, male-oriented muscle fiction.

The story is about a man living in the near future when a chemical gets into the human food chain and by the end of the story 1 in 10 guys are growing breasts as a result with some of the societal prejudices and situational exploits included as part of the story.

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The most common procedure is to cut the ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone.

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Warning: prominently features weight gain, muscle growth, macro growth, and some Macro destruction.

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Breast Enlargement (699 games) Female to Male (532 games) Growth/Expansion (492 games) Involuntary (924 games) Male to Female (1,104 games) Slow Transformation (379 games) Mental Changes (835 games) Other (274 games) Possession (143 games) Bimbo (405 games) Hermaphrodite (154 games) Shrinking (104 games) Mythical Creature (342 games) Corruption (434 games) Robot (86 games) Animal (185 games...

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Castration (also referred to as: gelding, neutering, fixing, orchiectomy, and orchidectomy) is any action, surgical, chemical, or otherwise, by which a male loses the functions of the testes.Growth hormone (GH) is a small protein that is made by the pituitary gland and secreted into the bloodstream.

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Mike Gets Huge by Lucky One of the first gainer stories I ever read.You may join the new forum at to continue the conversation and view new content.With over 500 threads in our Stories Archive, there is material to read for everyone.Transformation fetish is a context of sexual fetishism in which a person becomes sexually aroused by descriptions or depictions of transformations, usually the transformations of people into other beings or objects.Male Breast Enlargement In the past, the most common way for a man to possess a pair of full, beautiful breasts was to undergo the risks and costs of breast enlargement surgery.This is an archive of the Evolution Forum from 2004 to 2014 directly downloaded at the time of its closing.

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In common usage the term is usually applied to males, although as a medical term it is applied to both.

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Talk about other muscle growth sightings in the movies, television, websites and other media.Mpreg Central is home to a wide range of users who write original fiction about male pregnancy.