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Take your time to warm up the penis for a good 5-10 minutes before jelqing.An alternative to the above jelqing warm-up is to simply massage and stroke your semi-erect penis in a warm bath. The Jelq 1.

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Often warmups. any apparel, especially a sweat suit, worn over other clothing for warmth, chiefly in sports or during preliminary exercise.There are other ways to ensure your safety when performing jelquing exercises.

The common ways to heat your penis include 1) Using a heating pad 2) Using a warm, wet wash cloth 3)Taking a hot shower All of the above should be applied directly to the penis.

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Start by taking a warm shower, which will improve your blood flow.Benefits of Warm Up A warm up is the simple exercise routine that is performed before a workout session and also after the completion of the workout.

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My routine is to get in to a hot shower, warm-up and do a 30 second stretch in all directions.These activities are designed for a breakfast revision session prior to a non calculator GCSE paper.

Warm Up Before jelqing, it is recommended to take a hot bath or apply a warm compress to the penis to begin blood flow to the area and open the blood vessels. 1 Never stimulate the penis to the point of full erection, as it is more likely for injury to occur. 4.

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You also do need to properly warm up the tissue of the penis.

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After a few minutes of use, the washcloth often turns lukewarm or cold.

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It is important to warm your penis up with a towel or hot shower.Carry out a Warm Straight down: After Jelqing, this is a good practice to perform warm lower exercise so as to relax the actual penis tissues.Warm up reduce the risk of injury and this is the most important part of the whole routine.

Though you do any exercise, remember not to skip the warm-up.

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Warm up and cool down: Warming up is important before jelqing as it prevents any muscle damage.Walk slowly for five to 10 minutes to prepare for a brisk walk or walk briskly for five to 10 minutes to prepare for a run.A good warm-up gets the blood flowing through the tissue which reduces breaking and tearing.

verb (used with object) to make warm; heat (often followed by up): to warm one's hands; to warm up a room. to heat or cook (something) for reuse, as leftovers (usually followed by over or up): to warm up yesterday's stew.

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The nice and cozy down workout is not the same as the warm way up.A warm washcloth is the simplest and most convenient warm up.