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If there is 20W-50 oil in the pan, a quick way to trim oil pressure would be to try either 10W-30 or 5W-20 weight oil. This.Troubleshooting And Causes Of Low Diesel Engine Oil Pressure.Here are some possible causes of high-pressure reading on your oil pressure gauge.After a car runs for approximately 20 minutes, the needle on the gauge should settle at the midpoint.The normal oil pressure in an internal combustion engine varies from one brand to another and one model to another.Actually, if the oil pressure was too low, you should get an audible alarm, but since you are not, then the oil pressure the computer is reading should be sufficient.

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I had to uncrimp the gauges around the perimeter, remove the mechanisms, and.

New filters typically have less restriction than used filters, so having more oil pressure after a change is not unexpected.

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Normal oil pressure in car engine usually ranges between 55-65 psi.It will sit at that level while driving and drop to dead center at a stop.

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For example: colder oil will produce higher pressure at a given RPM due to the higher viscosity.

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The shop told me that this is common due to the engines inability to breathe.The engine oil pressure is calculated by the additional gauges cluster.

A few days ago, my 06 c13 accert in dash gauge started reading a little higher than normal oil pressure, thought it was odd.

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Mine is dropping just below the first - Answered by a verified GM Mechanic Mine is dropping just below the first - Answered by a verified GM Mechanic.The normal oil pressure on a GM 305 engine is between 40 and 60 PSIdepending on the model year.High oil pressure is needed to allowfor proper circulation through the engine.Excessive oil pressure may indicate a blocked filter, blocked oil gallery or the wrong grade of oil.

The only time my oil pressure is anywhere close to 60 is when I first start the truck and the oil is thick.

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Oil pressure reads pretty high until I drive the car around for a while.The specified oil pressure for a B is between 55-60psi at 1500rpm or over (idle speed is about 950-1,000 and when hot,so it can be 50psi or below).The symptoms could be a sign of serious engine problems and there are many reasons why your car might be displaying low oil pressure symptoms.Could try monitoring with a oil pressure gauge to check pressure levels at idle and work your way up in RPMs.My oil pressure at idle is closer to 20 lbs and at 70 mph pressure is 60 to 70 psi. I have...

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My boat currently runs 25-30 while idle but will sometimes drop to 20 when picking up a skier. 40-55psi while running.If this valve becomes faulty caused by a broken pressure spring the pump will have low oil pressure.When the oil is cold, it is more viscous, and there will be more oil.

All engines will lose oil pressure over time as normal wear increases engine bearing clearances.My oil pressure dropped to o and my light has come on since birth, I have had the oil pan dropped and the thing was full of sludge.

Read the gauge just after you have had a tune up and an oil change.

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I replaced a lot of the gaskets and suddenly I had great oil pressure. untill my crank seal started leaking and then i lost pressure again lol.The information is transferred from the PCM to the additional gauges from via the HS-CAN bus.

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There was also a valve lifter tick on cold startup.The oil was fresh and I added some Schaeffers Neutra to the crank case to clean it up.If the manual pressure gauge says the oil pressure is normal, then you probably have a faulty oil pressure sending unit or something is not right with your dash gauge.

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A blocked oil gallery can also cause a high reading: If this happens, a mechanic flushes the oil system while changing the oil.One of the things you will find if you have a oil pressure or temperature gauge is that regardless of the fact that oil is running through your engine and cooling it just like the coolant - it takes on and loses heat differently than coolant.I actually started the car today and ran it after gettin my gauges wired up to their senders, and my oil pressure reading suprised me. 62-3 psi at warmup for a minute or so, then settled down to 40 or so and stayed there.

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